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Are you annoyed by your dull skin?

What causes dull skin? 

Our skin needs oxygen and nutrients to maintain its youthful radiant skin tone and texture. ANything that causes a lack of this will result in dreadful dull skin. Some top causes of dull skin include:

  • Poor diet lacking in nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Lack of hydration
  • Excess alcohol consumption

Ways to fix Dull skin 

The first thing to fix dull skin is to address the causes of dull skin. This includes drinking at least 8 glasses of water at day, quit smoking and reduce your consumption of alcohol. 
Beyond making lifestyle changes, you may also try to have facial treatment on a regular basis, to have radiant and bright skin complex at all times. 

IDS Hydro Therapeutics Treatment 
Step 1: Through Cleansing and remove make up 
Step 2: An extremely gentle dermabrasion with water jet stream full of multi-minerals help to remove accumulated dirt and debris off the skin. 
Step 3: Ultrasonic technology and extraction will be performed to loosen comedones and blackheads off the skin. 
Step 4: Vitaminc C will be applied into the skin dermis with a process called iontophoresis 
Step 5: A mask then applied to help to seal all nutrients for a more crystal clear skin. 

It is sepcially designed to provide quick and visible results for our customers, and suitable for all skin types. It is a super hydrating, non-surgical treatment, not just to quench the skin from the outside but also to retain the water well inside. 

IDS Light Cyro Treatment 
It is one of our best youth restoring skin treatments. It helps to rejuvenate skin complexion to become more brighter, and more radiant. It freezes time with the help of revolutionary Cyrotherapy technology (CyroStamp and CyroProbe) which could go down to extremely low temperature (-15 Degree Celsius). It also has iontophoresis that helps to delivers vitamins into the skin, and improves skin firmness, skin tone and toxin elimination. Due to its coldness, most of our customers feel comfortable when doing the treatment.

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