IDS Thread Lift (ITL)
  • 90 MIN
    $727.6 w/GST
    $680 w/o GST
Universal Beauty Enhancer Concern:

Sagging skin around the cheeks and jawline


This non-invasive facial treatment uses absorbable silk protein threads and therapeutic serum infusions to give you the effects close to that of a face lift without any down time. For optimum results, it is recommended once a week (or once every 10 days for sensitive skin) for the first month.

  • Mild lifting and brightening effects after 1 treatment
  • Obvious lifting after the first month
  • Instant radiance
  • Visible lightening of nasolabial folds / skin tone
  • Results last 3 to 4 weeks per treatment
  • Double cleansing
  • Pulsed electro-magnetic stumulation - ceullular rejuvenation / skin brightening
  • Mask
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
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