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[ Sally ] Review: My IDS Journey – Second Consultation and Cryo Facial with IDS Aesthetics


Growing up we didn’t have much money and so, the idea of having facials always seemed like a luxury to me. I only went for my first facial in university, having saved up to share a package with my boyfriend and I remember loving the whole therapeutic experience. Now, facials are a staple in my life and I wouldn’t go more than a few months without heading for a facial to clear up my clogged pores.


Thankfully throughout my adolescence my skin was, though nowhere translucent, relatively clear, with the usual, occasional bouts of hormonal acne. I am pretty low maintenance so I guess I had normalised my hypersensitive skin, enlarged pores and lurking pimples but as I explore more about skincare, I start to realise I actually don’t need to live with them!


After my first visit to IDS Clinic, I brought home a whole series of their champion products for sensitive skin to pamper my face. I really love the lightness of the products, so that my skin doesn’t breakout but yet still protecting my face’s natural moisture barrier. So for my second visit, I did a quick review with Dr Ian at IDS Clinic to talk about the effectiveness of the different products. He also recommended an additional Vitamin C serum (which I have been wanting to try based on great reviews from my friends) and a spot corrector for those pesky zits.



My favourite products from the first range I tried was the delicate cleanser and the recovery serum! I find that clear, viscous liquids work best for my skin, moisturising but not clogging but now I have a new favourite product – the Vitamin C Serum! It works to brighten my skin instantaneously and my face was super clear this entire month since adding it to my skincare routine. I’m definitely gonna get a few refills for my upcoming trip in March.


Additionally, after my chat with Dr Ian, I headed to IDS Aesthetics for a luxurious cryo facial! My skin turns blotchy red and burns easily, and so, treating my sensitive skin is quite tricky and finding the right products to fit me takes some time. Hence, this facial is perfect for cell repair, where vital ingredients like vitamins and brighteners are delivered directly into the skin through iontophoresis, followed by a relaxing cryotherapy technology application (CryoProbe), to instantly soothe, restore and energize my sensi skin.


I love that their facials are capped at an efficient 50 mins, because my schedule is super hectic and some facials can really drag on (cos’ they just leave you to sleep for 30 mins). Yet, I can really feel an immediate difference in my skin after the facial!


In the last part of my IDS journey, I will be getting a top up for my skincare solutions and also undergoing a laser treatment at IDS Clinic, a perfect pick-me-up a few days before my flight to Dubai. Can’t wait to update you guys about it!


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*Credits to Sally

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