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Robb Report Singapore: Best facials in Singapore

Stress sucks. It wrecks havoc on your relationships, your performance at work, your mind and before you know it, your skin is ripe for rash and completely out of whack. You can’t eliminate the stress overnight, that’s for sure, but hey, maybe you could begin one of these facials. It won’t undo all the damage, but at least it’s a start.



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If you’re not seeing results from your tried-and-true holy grails, hold off before you decide to discard them. Your skin might just be incapable of optimally absorbing the goodness you’ve been slathering on as before. This lower rate of absorption unfortunately is inevitable with age as our cell turnover rates start deteriorating. The IDS Pep.Blu Deep treatment, however, will help overcome just that by using a unique Deep Electroporation technology to open up new pathways or channels on the dermis, allowing essential skin-enhancing ingredients to penetrate the skin. As scary as that sounds, the “holes” are minute enough for the ingredients to enter, essentially keeping the treatment safe and non-invasive. The electroporation step is then followed up with the clinic’s proprietary IDS Pep.Blu serum, which delivers brightening and cell-stimulating agents such as growth factors, peptides and vitamin B9 into the dermis to stimulate collagen and increase fibroblast and elastin production. The treatment will leave your visage visibly brightened with firming and lifting effects happening after.


IDS Non-Tinted Sunscreen (with Extra Blue Light Protection)


Robb tip: If you are constantly under the sun, IDS’ reformulation of their Non-Tinted Sunscreen will be your constant companion. The ultra-lightweight physical sunscreen offers the best-in-class sun protection (SPF50 PA+++), even able to block more than 35 per cent of blue light (this speeds up ageing) that emits from electronic screens. The serum-like sunscreen can do more than just sun protection, infused with sustainably produced squalene, niacinamide, allantoin and vitamin E to offer skin-enhancing benefits. Your skin should get healthier and clearer with each application.


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